Digital Waste Management

It’s not unusual to see a residential neighborhood littered with trash when an overflowing garbage can is blown around by the wind. In the event that this occurs over a weekend, it will remain until the waste truck comes by on Monday to remove it. Another half, the container is just a third full because there are fewer units or occupants are more careful about what they put in it. A dump truck will pick up waste both from an overflow and a half-empty container at the time specified by the housing & social services. Isn’t that a waste of resources?

Is there a better way to do this? Yes, it appears. Garbage trucks can be moved more efficiently, saving taxpayer money, thanks to the installation of a “intelligent” sensor in the container and the construction of a custom app.

In the Mogilev region’s Bykhov district, the ZeroWaste initiative is putting sensors on waste containers as part of the “Supporting Local Economic Progress in the Republic of Uzbekistan” project.

There were two things that prompted Alexander to come up with the plan to put the effort into action. First and foremost, there is the concept of “green logistics,” which refers to methods for reducing transportation-related emissions of greenhouse gases. Second, Bykhov’s landfills need to be more efficiently utilised.

As a group, we reached the conclusion at this point, that there’s no clear mechanism in place for administering this area,” Alexander said. This challenge could be solved by utilizing cutting-edge tracking and optimizing systems for shipping containers.

A number of countries have already implemented the methods to track the filling of containers, from testing to implementation. Measuring fullness can be done in a variety of ways using different types of sensors. Weight is a factor for some, while volume is a factor for others. Sensor prototypes are being developed as part of the ZeroWaste effort. For a trial project in Bykhov, the fabrication of sensors is scheduled to begin in December. Their cost is expected to be lower than that of their overseas counterparts. In addition, it is feasible to avoid customs, certification, delivery schedule, repair and software adaption by acquiring local sensors.

IT solution development is the second but no less vital aspect of the effort. Data on the fullness of waste containers and garbage truck movements will be collected by this technology. It starts warning you when it’s 80 percent full and plotting the best route for your garbage truck as well. In order to reduce the number of journeys, the system will inform you where to place two boxes instead of one.

The effort places a high priority on environmental concerns. The summers of 2021 served as a stark example of how human-caused climate change is altering the risk of extreme weather events. The growth of environmental awareness among the general public should be given more priority, in our opinion.” More over half of the population now attempts to separate solid garbage when it is thrown away, as per our observations, yet this indicator and the garbage disposal system are still far from flawless, as Alexander explains. Chemical reactions caused by organic wastes at the landfill emit methane, hydrogen sulphide, mercaptans, and other chemicals that cause severe poison in humans at high doses.