Garbage Container Rental

Renting waste bins from Ecograms LLC is available. Throughout Moscow and the greater Moscow area, we work with individuals, businesses of all sizes, and government agencies. One-time services or leases for the landfilling to a landfill are offered to clients, depending on their needs. Loading assistance is also offered as an additional service.

Dumpsters can be rented by any customer at any time. The legal standards for waste disposal are followed. A team of experts is on hand to answer all questions and assist you select the best container for your project. Garbage hauling services can be contracted on a regular basis.

Types Of Garbage That Is Exported

Environmental garbage is transported by “Ecograms.”

Debris from the construction site (remnants of concrete, plaster or broken bricks).

People and businesses alike can benefit from repurposing construction trash. CGS and other hazardous materials can’t be disposed of in regular trash cans because of existing legislation. Punishment is given to those who engage in such conduct. During the post-construction period in Moscow, rental services are useful because of the significant amount of waste that is left behind after construction.

You can avoid fines and unpleasant consequences by using our company’s services.

Renting a dumpster for construction garbage is an excellent idea.

Tanks come in a variety of sizes and can be rented for either a short or lengthy period of time. Bunkers of 8, 20, and 27 m3 can be rented, depending on the volume of trash. The loading is done either manually or mechanically through back door or the roof. The density table is used to determine the density of the rubbish when filling the container. Any tank’s pneumatics and grips can hold up to 15 tonnes.

Renting a storage tank of 8 m3 is the ideal solution for collecting and transferring household or construction waste. It has a 5-ton carrying capacity. A huge, well-appointed open-view tank is available for reasonable rental.

Bins with a volume of 20 m3 are ideal for hauling industrial and construction waste from job sites or the grounds of businesses. “Multilift” system vehicles are used for their transportation in line with the agreed schedule.

Rental Of A Bunker

Alternatively, you might hire a 27-square-meter bunker. A strengthened structure with stiffeners and a wall thickness of up to 4 mm gives the accumulator a carrying capacity of at least to 12 tonnes at a weight of 2.2 tonnes in the field. Installing the guiding skids to the bottom of a shelter is simple. Construction debris can be conveniently stored in the bunker (reinforced concrete parts, broken bricks, etc.).

To melt snow or ice that has built up in storage tanks during the winter months, all tanks can be used.

Drives can be rented at low rates

It will cost significantly less to rent bunkers than to purchase tanks. Using the service only once or on a continuing process is entirely up to you. Customers benefit from long-term leases because of the excellent conditions they are given for working together.

With us, you’ll save money on services, get discounts on a regular basis, and enjoy flexible terms of cooperation. Waste collection can be made more efficient by renting equipment.